Friday, June 1, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Long time no blog! I would say that I'm super busy and hardly have time to sit and write a post but that would be a lie because all I do is sit around and do nothing....okay maybe not nothing but you get the idea.

I have a bunch of exciting new projects lined up which I can't wait to blog about. If your not much of a reader and just want to see updated pictures of what I create, take a look at my Facebook page and while your there, might as well like the page to keep updated :) Shameless self promotion.... I know

Anyway, I took a crack at a Martha Stewart Red Velvet Cake recipe. I can't remember the exact link and forgot to take it down so I don't feel right sharing the recipe but I'm sure a simple Google search would yield the same results.

I decided to fancy them up with some gum paste flowers and try some two toned icing as well. This was also my first time trying Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I was pretty nervous about trying it because I'm quite comfortable with my super sweet buttercream icing but decided to take on the challenge. I only made half a batch at first and was surprised by how easy and yummy it was that I made another half batch to equal one batch :) I will blog about the process later but let me just tell you that the result tasted DIVINE! It tasted like silk and butter had a baby in my mouth. I could have ate the whole bowl myself!

HOWEVER, I didn't like how it tasted on the red velvet cupcakes. The cupcakes were quite sweet which made the SMBC taste not as sweet and too rich. I would like to try the SMBC on regular white or vanilla cupcakes and see how that works out. Or maybe I just didn't make it right and that's why it was that way.

Let me know what you guys think! And check out my Facebook page if you get a chance :)


  1. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing on SweetTalkin' Sunday! Have a wonderful week!!

    1. Thank you! I try to stop by on Sunday whenever I remember but your reminder emails help out so much!!
      Hope you stop by again!

  2. Those are so pretty hamshini...i love how you kept a red theme for all the cupcakes :)
    I have been catching up with all your old posts and seems like you have been busy baking and decorating... Everything looks superb!

    As for the icing, i loveee smbc ....i think it tastes so much better than regular buttercream. Most people like cream cheeese icing with red velvet cupcakes. I personally don't like it much. But, try that out...You may like it :)

    1. Thanks Abeer! I definitely have been keeping busy and learning new decorating and baking techniques.
      Cream cheese icing is on my to do list too! I've tried them once before and can't wait to whip it up again!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!