Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chocolate Obsession

I have found a really good chocolate cupcake recipe that I'm addicted and can't bring myself to try a different version. I finally found another recipe to try but it was pretty much the EXACT same recipe I had with a bit of instant coffee paste thrown in!!

If you haven't caught on by now, I'm on a coffee/strawberries/chocolate cake rut. For some reason, strawberries are always my go to fruit for both decorative and flavour needs. I don't even think I like the taste of strawberries as much as the idea of strawberries. They're just so pretty! Like little red angels with green fringy wings.
As for the cupcakes...well I take chocolate over vanilla any day...including those in which I'm sick of chocolate.... wait there are no such days.
Coffee....just saying the word makes me smack my lips. I don't drink it often...well...not as often as other addicts. But when I do, I take my poison in iced form. What did I ever drink before they invented iced coffee? Oh that's right....crap.

I have a iced coffee recipe bookmarked that I am just ITCHING to try. But judging by the process and materials needed, I think I'll wait until I move back to school where I will be free to do whatever I want in the kitchen. Having a mother who is VERY picky about her kitchen (and the rest of the house for that matter) sometimes causes you to postpone certain projects.
So the point of this post? To show off some cupcakes I made a while ago for some friends. My fav chocolate cupcake recipe topped with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate covered almond....yum. Make these and have one... or nine. Go ahead, be good to yourself.
In other news, I'm thinking about taking some cake decorating classes. The Wilton ones sound good and are cheap but I think seems more flexible to my schedule. Will let you know what I decide and how it goes. Also if you have any experience with these, I would love to hear!

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