Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make Up Cake

As I mentioned in a previous post, 3 of my friends have birthdays this week. Each has a unique personality and so I decided to make a different cake for each one.


I was excited about this cake for many reasons. Firstly, since my birthday passed recently, I got a lot of new baking swag. My friends obviously know me way too well. But the ultimate gift came from my boyfriend. Ladies and gentleman, please say hello to my newest love and baby

Isn't she a beauty? After suffering all the horrors of a hand mixer, I really appreciate the beautiful machine.

So I decided instead of covering this cake in fondant, I would try to do buttercream and try to get it smooth as smooth can be.

I also had the opportunity to use gum paste for the first time but didn't end up using much of it because I already had coloured fondant on hand and didn't want to colour the gum paste and also because gum paste is a lot tougher to work with.

I had tonnes of fun making this cake and it ended up looking really cute. It also tasted amazing! Not being covered in fondant helps...a whole lot.

It didn't get to be as smooth as I intended but at least it was straight, even, and relatively smooth.
Off to make cake number 2!!!

And sorry about the crappy quality of the pics. Me and my camera are in a fight. Clearly, the camera is winning. 

And see that super duper lipstick that looks oh so real....my artsy roommate made that...it makes me so proud!!

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AND FINALLY, I would love to get some feedback on what looks good and what doesn't so LEAVE COMMENTS!

Okay, I'm really done now : )

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