Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Sugar Cookie Attempt

Okay so I know I said I wouldn't be doing another post until I got a few other things done and was back at school....

BUT everything is almost pretty much in order and I just drank a huge mug of french vanilla coffee...and decided to do a post!

What is french vanilla coffee?

1 spoon of Nescafe instant coffee
3 spoons Tim Horton's French Vanilla Powder
Hot boiling water
Tons of sugar

yummm....I thought I might throw a Lindor chocolate truffle in there...but too bad I ate them all :)

I thought I would ring in the new year (a little late) by talking about a project I tried in 2011 summer and haven't touched since.

After creeping Sweetopia's blog and watching this tutorial video on her royal icing daisy transfers about 50 times, I decided to give it a try myself.

I was too intimidated to make the royal icing from scratch so I bought the Wilton mix...and this was also before I had my stand mixer.

Naked Cookies..teehee
I used this basic sugar cookie recipe. 

For a first attempt, I would say that I didn't do too bad. There were a tonne of downfalls like the cookies being too thin, not getting the right consistency for icing, having way too much icing left over and go to waste, ugly daises...well now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't such a successful attempt!

But she made it look so damn easy!

And from this project I've realized that I cannot ever be a surgeon because my hands are super shaky...well that and some other reasons but let's not get into that.

There were a tonne of steps to the cookie decorating process and since it was my first time I was super slow too.
So many little bumps :( Such uneven circles!
I'm not much of a cookie eater...I kinda prefer cake (surprise surprise)....but the cookie decorators I occasionally (and by occasionally I mean obsessively) stalk inspire me to try it out for myself. 

So this year I'm going to take another stab at cookies....maybe not be too over ambitious with the design and just start with basic things like actually baking the cookies properly and making the icing.

I also wanna try out a whole bunch of new cupcake recipes!! Top of the list? COCONUTS!

Happy Baking!

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  1. Let me know when you make that new batch of cookies:)