Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am the most indecisive person ever. I spend hours at stores looking through literally every product. I try on a million things in the morning before finding an outfit. I organize and reorganize everything in my room. I think you get the picture. Where did that lead me?

I decided my blog's appearance wasn't really a reflection of me. It was too bland. I tweaked and fiddled around with some of the settings...and the title...and description....and purpose. Since I wasn't really describing my learning process in detail, it seemed silly to call it a 'diary' so I got rid of that aspect. My fav colour (at least one of them) is pink so I added a pink cupcake. I hope to make my own (and take proper pics) of my own pink cupcakes...one day. And some minor changes to font and colour etc were also made. Clearly I don't have enough school work to do.

So in case those of you who come by here (if there actually are any of you out there) think that you're on the wrong site...you're not. I just really love change. I'm moving furniture around as we speak. Don't judge.

In other news!!! I made homemade iced coffee! It was OMGWTFAWESOMESAUCE. Yes that's a real expression. I brought it into existence after I inhaled a large cup of aforementioned iced coffee. I will post the recipe, the process of me making it, and a link to the genius who created this recipe in a future post.

Kay. Time for sleep and cupcake filled dreams :)

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