Wednesday, September 28, 2011

White and Purple Cake Pops

This post is going to be super fast...I know I always say this but this time I mean it. Okay here goes...

A lot of people don't know what cake pops are. So when I decided to make them for a cultural club's first meeting people were like what the fudge is a cake pop?

For those of us who live and breath Tim Horton's without which our existence would be pointless, it's comparable to a timbit on a stick coated in chocolate. But instead of a donut, its cake.

It was my first time making these and I overestimated how easy it would be. The basic procedure is:
- Bake a cake
- Wait for the cake to cool and then crumble it up so its a bowl of crumbs
- Mix in icing
- Form the crumbs into little balls
- Pop balls into freezer for about 20 min
- Remove and insert a lollipop stick
- Dip in chocolate and let harden

My procedure went like this:
- Bake a cake
My Set Up
- Wait for cake to cool and crumble it up at which point half of it is on the kitchen counter
- Mix in icing and panic on whether theres enough or if more should be added
- Form crumbs into cake balls while watching How To Train Your Dragon
- Put balls in fridge because fridge and freezer are the same
- Frantically try to melt chocolate into a good consistency and give up after an hour
- Dip the first cake ball and stick it on styrofoam to dry only for it to slide all the way down the stick in 3 minutes
- More panicking
- After the 3rd ball realize its because the fridge is not the freezer
- Put remaining balls in the freezer and kick yourself in the head
- Wait 15 minutes and then run to the freezer and back 30 times to dip each cake ball while keeping others in freezer
Why does the purple look pink? 
I'm not even going to talk about the troubles I had adding designs and decorations. It was ugly. A couple of front line cake balls were lost. A deadly battle to the finish ensued.

Detailed normal instructions and recipes can be found on Bakerella's website and a video tutorial is here.

They're pretty, cute, and less calories than a whole cupcake...I think....unless of course you eat 10...which you probably will because they are awesome...or so I've been told.

All in all it was a good trial and error process. Next time I know what to do and what definitely NOT to do.

And sorry about missing MM...I'm just stressed and busy.

And this was another long post....DAMIT

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