Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update! in case anyone didn't know....mixing colour into fondant is a PAIN!!! But more on that later...

I figured I should do a post to update my whereabouts. My next post will be quite exciting!!!

My sister's 18th birthday is coming up so obviously cupcakes are in order...possibly.

I'm moving on Sunday so I will have a kitchen with COMPLETE FREEDOM!

MM is coming up and I've got something exciting planned.

Usually in my free time I sit around and read baking blogs and seek inspiration for cakes and cupcakes. Lately though, I've been obsessed with beauty/make up and nail polish. I think I have way too many hobbies, but more than hobbies I feel like they're becoming collections! The more nail polish I buy, the more I want to hoard. Which is obviously not healthy!

Maybe, once I start school in a few days, these obsessions will die down...but hopefully not for baking!!

Keep checking back for more useful posts!!

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