Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MM: French Toast the Tamil Way

It's still Monday!!! I may be late but better late than never!

This post will be very short. And I don't think this counts as a dessert technically but who cares really?

You don't right?...kay good.

Being a university student and living on a very humble budget, I can't really afford to waste food. But we're all guilty of forgetting something at the back of the fridge or back of the cupboard or under you bed...wait thats not normal?...never mind, moving along.

So picture this; you open your fridge or bread basket to find an almost complete loaf of bread that is past its expiration date, not mouldy or gross, but not soft enough that you would eat it.

Do you:
a) throw that sucker out, you're not risking a deadly bread virus
b) put it back in the fridge so that you won't have to actually throw it out and hope that your roommate will
c) eat it! OSAP ain't paying you enough to live the luxury life
d) fashion a new recipe out of it!!

If you chose d), welcome to the club.

My grandmother used to make this recipe all the time and I didn't think until recently that it's a good way to be resourceful.


An egg

I didn't include any measurements because both my grandmother and mother eyeball it and I guess I do too. The recipe is quite forgiving.


- Make sure the bread is in slices
- Whip the egg slightly
- Mix in about 3/4 cup of milk for 3/4 of a loaf of bread. Use less if you have less bread and more if you have more bread
- Add sugar, just enough to sweeten the milk. If your worried about tasting it with the raw egg in, mix the sugar and milk first and taste. Once its sweet enough, add to the egg and mix it up.
- Heat up a saucepan on the stove. Keep the heat between low and medium.
- Spread a dollop of butter or margarine on the saucepan.
- Soak a slice of bread in the milk concoction. Make sure to coat both sides and lay it in the saucepan.
- Wait a few minutes and flip. It should be golden brown. If it sticks and looks burnt, your heat is too high
- Repeat for rest of the slices

I don't know what the name of this recipe is. It is quite similar to french toast although my roommate says it absolutely is not like french toast. I usually just call this sweet bread. Whatever its called, it tastes pretty good and gets rid of a loaf quick.

Hope you try it out :)